Keep track of your Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia character roster, and teams used within the different areas of Dimensions' End. Or take a look at what teams other people have used, check out their rosters, or find friends to enjoy the game with through the friend firectory.

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Credits & Useful Links

  • Huge thanks to Rem for creating and maintaining the database, and providing most of the images used here on Opera Omnia Tracker.

  • Leobob and Mediyu have been a huge help with their speedy translations of all of the changes the Japanese version of the game.

    Quetzalma created and maintains MateriaBot, which is invaluable to me, the DFFOO discord and all the other servers it is used on.

    And the rest of the members of the server who make it a great community to be a part of.

  • The DFFOO subreddit is another great place for collection and stage tips, character fanart, or anything else to do with the game.

  • The Tonberry Troupe put together beautiful infographics detailing character kits, summon board info, and FEOD/DE stage guides, as well as provide videos by members of the team and other content creators. You can also find a global banner forecast based on the Japanese version of the game, and other guides on their website.

  • Macnol's website has a huge collection of information, featuring such things as: the Call to Arms archive, boss guides, Entropy clear videos, Chocobo panel mission guides, and more!

  • Thanks to hearhellacopters for providing the custom equipment icons used in the character table. Dissidia Compendium is another amazing database containing a huge amount of data from the game.

  • Nidre's website is another great resource for planning pulls with the banner forecast, as well as being another option to use for tracking your roster and DImensions' End teams.

  • Thank you for providing some of the character avatar backgrounds & border frames.

  • Huge thank you to the patrons and donators of the site, that they think the site is worth donating towards means a lot. Their contributions go towards the server costs of Opera Omnia Tracker so thank you for taking some of that financial burden away from me!

    • Aangthony
    • Anna
    • Grizz
    • Bishop
    • Titus
    • JoCo
    • Menriq
  • Koei Tecmo Games & Square Enix Co. Ltd.

    Thank you for making such an awesome game!

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